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Great story of a patient who came to me cause he knew he had health problems and had to change his Life. He was overweight and had heart problems. He exercised, lost 30 lbs, got adjusted and when his heart became symptomatic went to hospital right away. Had blockage, had surgery and came right out. Dr said whatever your doing keep it up cause you being healthy before surgery saved your life. Amen my friend. A New Year. Is it time for you to take care of yourself better? Get to ProChiropractic now!!! Set up a program Patient Testimonial

PRO Chiropractic Clinic

Ms. Maria El-Diane - Oh My Goodness, Dr Ray is a God-send! His hands are like an X-ray machine. They find the problem and fix it!

PRO Chiropractic Clinic

Toni Kirkland (Detroit, MI) - I have been living with Lupus for thiry years. Lately, I've had problems with my joints that interfered with my ability to walk. I was in physical therapy for four months with little improvement. I came to Dr. Ray at ProChiropractic to see if I had any luck. I've ben coming to him since April 12th, 2016, and I am getting around with hardly any pain. I've been able to resume my favorite pastime. Walking... I have logged over 50 miles on my Fitbit since last week. I plan to keep on coming here. Dr. Ray ROCKS!!!

Jerry, Deeney (Birmingham, MI) - As a constant traveler, my visits to Dr. Ray 'gets' me back to a healthy place. I can't tell you how many times I find myself in some faraway place thinking about my near future adjustment. Always a pleasure!

Mr. Mort Meisner (Beverly Hills, MI) - Dr. Ray Hillenbrand is as good as it gets when it comes to Health Professionalism. Ray is not only an outstanding Chiropractor, but he has an outstanding and considerations for his patients which knows no bounds . As the President of Mort Meisner Associates, I have finite amounts of time available as I manage more than 100 on air TV and radio talents throughout the United States. Ray keeps me in a good state of physical well being and for that I am very grateful. In face, I have referred countless others to Ray including members of my family and all feel the same way. Dr. Hillenbrand is # 1.

Ms. Shultz (Detroit, MI) - Doc Ray, thank you for giving me mobility and relief in my neck. Even with a spinal fusion, you have found a way to manipulate my spine and give me increased quality of life. You rock!

Maria Nunn (Detroit, MI) - Dr. Ray, I am happy to be a patient of yours. I have been suffering with this sciatic nerve for a while now, and I am much better after having regular adjustments by you. Your professionalism, staff, and humor (LOL) have made the world of difference in my life. Thank you and will be seeing you very soon. For anyone who is wondering what Chiropractic Health is, just ask Dr. Ray. I recommend him to everyone.

Donald Walton (Sterling Heights, MI) - Since seeing Dr. Ray for my lower back in 2011, I have become more energetic and have lost 40 pounds. Some of my friends do not even recognize the new me. My wife says I look 15 years younger.

Jim Moore (Beverly Hills, MI) - Dr. Ray has given my back a new lease on life. He is very knowledgeable and caring, and his staff is very cordial and welcoming. I appreciate the healing aura in his practice.

John E. Hawkins III (Detroit, MI) - I have known Dr. Ray for a long time. I feel he is one of the best chiropractors around. God has put His hands in Dr. Ray's hands, because he has made me feel great when I was not feeling the best. Dr. Ray is truly a great friend. More police officers should let Dr. Ray work on their bodies. In my 35 years as a police officer, he has made my life better.

John L. Hamper (Allen Park, MI) - Small, big or tall, Dr. Ray's gift is able to help us all. His individualized program is suited to each person's needs. He directs challenges to each patient to help you become stronger and heal faster. Dr. Ray's gift is healing hands, and he uses them as God intended, so that each of us may lead a better and healthier life.

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