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Special Interest Stories

Mikaelia Sims is a little over 2 years old, and was born on November 24, 2010. Dr. Ray was first introduced (indirectly) to Mikaelia Sims by Rob and Natalie Sims on September 7, 2010. Rob Sims, already a patient of Dr. Ray, asked Dr. Ray to take care of his wife Natalie who was experiencing severe headaches. Rob, who is an Offensive Lineman for the Detroit Lions and is used to protecting Shaun Hill and Matt Stafford, wanted to protect his wife. You see, Natalie was told that she would have a difficult time bearing children, and due to the additional complication of having frequent headaches, Rob wanted to ensure the best possible health for his wife. It only takes a minute to realize that he is a formidable force on the field, but at home, Rob understands the importance of family. Once Dr. Ray started adjusting Natalie, the headaches subsided and she realized the pregnancy (including normal stress and low back discomfort) was much more bearable. Dr. Ray saw Natalie regularly throughout her pregnancy, right up to the day Rob called him at about 10pm (November 23, 2010). "Doc come to the House. Nat needs you." Dr. Ray drove the over 20 miles immediately, and upon arrival, he noted that Natalie was definitely in pain. He didn’t hesitate, and as he set up his table, her water broke. "We are going to the hospital", was being yelled in the house. While both mothers-in–law stood and watched every move the doctor made, Rob sternly said to Nat, "Doc is gonna take care of you before we go". He then looked at Dr. Ray and said, "Doc take care of my girls". Natalie had a great delivery with none of the complications as feared 9 months ago. "To see Mikaelia jump onto the adjustment table (with difficulty) and get adjusted is precious. Rob, Natalie and Mikaelia are more than my patients; they are my friends", said Dr. Ray. Natalie is now pregnant with Rob Jr. and is still receiving regular adjustments. "Chiropractic brought us together, and it is one of the blessings I cherish. I hope to continue to be their Chiropractor for many years. As important as it is to keep Big Rob Sims in tune for the Offensive Line, it is also important to keep his family healthy", said Dr. Ray. Chiropractic is more than just alleviating neck or back pain. It helps keep the body working at its best potential and keeps it as strong as possible, naturally. Adult, child, man or woman, everybody should experience the benefits of Chiropractic. Just ask the Sims family.